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Not Broken® Radio is an international radio show that was initiated to have open and honest discussion about mental health and disabilities. Not Broken® Radio is heard on hundreds of stations throughout the globe!

We want to not only stop the stigma but also instil a sense of pride in those struggling, as we believe that individuals should embrace themselves with their challenges, finding the right tools to learn to use them as a source of strength and personal power. Not Broken® Radio has already helped thousands in overcoming mental health barriers, disabilities, anxiety and stress, difficulties in business, entrepreneurship, relationships, life and health with its fluent discussion about mental health without worrying about the stigma, walking on eggshells, or political correctness.

Are we broken? No, we are not!

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Host and Founder - North America's Leading Mental Health Speaker and Advocate

Turn Challenges into Superpowers

Everyone has challenges but some people have more than others. Brett Francis knows this from personal experience. Only now she turns those challenges—her own and other people’s—into assets. Her mantra is “no one is broken” and she means it when she says “our struggles are not our fault.”

Her Not Broken® Radio show is heard on hundreds of stations throughout the globe; she is the bestselling author of Not Broken: How to Overcome Mental Health Challenges and Unlock Your Full Potential. In addition, she hosts the TV series Breaking The Barriers.

She gets the biggest kick out of inspiring individuals who need some help powering through their own issues. But she doesn’t just talk the talk … she walks it.

Some of the challenges that have made Brett a stronger person include Tourette’s syndrome, ADHD, childhood bullying, anxiety, panic disorder, OCD, an abusive relationship, a miscarriage and depression.  

Brett’s mission is to educate individuals and society at large about mental health and why having mental health issues or a family member with them is a lot more normal than most people think. She wants to eradicate the stigma associated with mental health and disabilities so that those who are coping with such issues realize they are no different than having diabetes or some other common physical ailment. She advocates for greater education and awareness of these common problems.

Brett is endorsed by Mental Health America, the Canadian Mental Health Association, Mental Health Commission of Australia and other important organizations.

To learn more about Brett and get a free consult go to her website at

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